Meet The Team

Who is involved

Kelly-Ann Started One Small Act of Kindness in June 2016 from an idea as she was getting in bed on a Sunday night.
The page has grown beyond her expectations and desires in a very short space of time. For many people their interaction with the page and meeting us at our home when they perform a drop off is a stepping stone for them into the charity world and it is a heart-warming experience for both us as well as them.

Meet Kelly-Ann Van der Meer

She runs a under privilege nursery school and has done collections in her personal capacity for over 5 years assisting people in the community and others in need of help. Her husband and herself are in the process of adopting a little boy. They have 4 dogs and 1 cat oh and let’snot forget the fish. She has a passion for people and living beings as well as endless love.
“She has a heart like a Putco Bus, Always room for more” -Cornelis Van Der Meer

Meet Robyn Sayers

She is a super hero in her own right -Running an animal rescue organisation and helps sterilise animals of under privileged families. She donates her time to One Small Act of Kindness by helping with charity drives, drop offs and handouts.
Robyn,a mom to two gorgeous little boys, has 2 dogs and 3 cats while fostering abused and abandoned animals. Oh, and a loving husband who supports all the way.

“We have the ability to help those who need it and it’s so rewarding in itself.”–Robyn

Meet Karen Herman

Karen is the wife of one and a mom of two– Read as“Magician”
After getting involved with One Small Act of Kindness in the midst of working full time, the bug bit and Karen cannot seem to pry herself away.

“It starts with you. We cannot expect to make any difference in the world if we do not try. Kindness costs nothing but what it buys remains priceless.”–Karen